Thursday, 9 July 2015


I remember how, two years ago..
We played a game, which we were given a situation..
"You and your friends are at an island, and there's a bomb that gonna explode within 10 minutes. You need to leave one of your friends at that island because the helicopter has not enough space for all of you. Please write down the nama that you want to leave at the island."

One of my friends wrote down my name, and followed by my other friends. I just can't describe how I felt on that moment. Were they hate me so much? At the end, I was not the person that was left behind.. because there was a person that volunteered to be leave behind.
On the next day, I asked the first person that wrote my name down.
"Why you write down my name last night? Are you hate me that much? haha"
"No lah, I don't hate you. I just wrote your name, because I know.. you can survive."

Yes, I know I can survive. Thanks for believing in me. :)

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