Saturday, 30 May 2015

NDP Camp and memories.

[Sunway Monash Residence, Saturday 30 May 2015, 11.00 AM]
Assalamualaikum, and guess what, I'm done with my Nurturing and Development Programme at Sunway University. I'm now writing this in front of SMR's lounge, and this feeling is quite nostalgic y'know. Last 2 years, first time I came here, knowing noboby and took this scholarship to pursue my studies in Bachelor Syariah with Law which during interview I applied for pharmacy actually. This life is unexpected, to think how funny this life works make me smile, and well this is life.
I finished module 4 along with module 3, but it supposed to be one module per year and I managed to finish two modules in a year so this is my last NDP.

NDP camp, where you meet and learn along with your scholarmates from different universities; local unis and overseas one. Sharing experiences, learning from each other, this memories will remain in your heart and keep lingering in your mind.
2 years ago, we met and our first impression toward each other change from time to time. Together challenged ourselves hiked the hill almost for 8 hours, helping each other carrying the burdens. Kayaking from Lumut to Pangkor Island, for almost one and half hour in middle of the sea. Singing "I got the OB spirit.." with full-hearted along with the dance haha how cute we were. Outward Bound, Mujahadah Agro Camp where we strengthen our bonds and spirits whilst Sunway University where we strengthen our minds academically.
Knowing people that have the same background with will remind you that this world is fair enough for everyone. And yes, thank you for sharing these inspirational stories. The stories that you thought it were somewhere in fairytales and never thought it were real ones. You may not through what they've been through, but please learn from them. How strong they overcome those hardships, and they turned out being who they're now.

Thanks again for these memories. A good memories that I should write and remember forever. 谢谢你們。ありがとう こざいます!

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