Saturday, 3 May 2014

Liebster Award

Assalamualaikum para blogger yang tercalon dalam Liebster Award! kahkah

Liebster Award ni apabenda eh sebenarnya? bunyi macam loobster lololol.
Anyway,thanks to Zakira Afina for the tagging.

Rules when being nominated : 
1 - Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2 - Answer the 11 question asked.
3 - Nominate 11 others bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
4 - Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
5 - Notify your nominate. 

So,here we go village people! Zakira's questions :

1. Describe yourself in five words.
- annoying in my own way.

2. What do you want to be in the future? State your reasons. 
- My degree should be Islamic Law, then I should be Syariah Lawyer right? NO, I wanna be a writer,or a journalist and travel all around the world,studying people.

3. Do you prefer to study abroad or in Malaysia? What course? And why?
- Malaysia,don't ask why when you can't even be apart from your family. Easy
 I know,when I was your age.. I keep thinking that studying abroad can be the best thing in my life,but no. Just listen to our brothers and sisters out there,how they need to survive in other countries. Both study in Malaysia and abroad have their own pros and cons, and it's up to yourself. Studying abroad,you can learn about other cultures,and experience the four seasons (LOL), but still, you can't deny that you still didn't know our country,our people well yet. And for the programme (not course,course is the English course, programme is Foundation in Islamic Studies for example) local uni(s) in Malaysia had the programme just like the uni(s) in other coutries.

4. Do you watch Running Man? Hehe if yes, can you mention which one do you like? Describe him/her. 
-I used to watch Running Man,but for this semester I have no time since the subjects for this sem a 'lil bit tough. I adore Ace Ji Hyo :P

5. The best kdrama that you had watch?
-Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So lame isnt? hihihi ( just watched in 2 weeks ago) But for movie, I enjoy watching Miracle in Cell no. 7.hehehe

6. State your activity during your leisure.
- I love reading,so I'll read some books or random stuff on internet. (or blogging) wait! one more, I had develop my new hobby! guess what? I enjoy watching Michelle Phan's make up tutorial on Youtube. Hihihi. My roomates asked me and the question just like," You're learning how to make up?" No, I didnt wear any make up (and I didnt have any make up stuff except lipbalm  :P). I just enjoy how she make up herself, well make up is is categorize as an art right? Make up is our art but beauty comes from our heart - Michelle Phan :)

7. Have you been frustrated with someone in your life? Tell us why.
- Been frustrated with someone (is "someone" is a man)? Seriously not in any relationship (ForeverAlone kahkahkah)
Just kidding, I just take care myself. And feeling annoyed when my friends on FB keep post about marriage. Damn -_- ( Am I weird? no)

8. What will you do if you sad and frust?
- Sad and frust,hm I sleep,or eat. (Typical women do this lol)
Usually,I did feel sad or frust when I feel people don't really like me (or it's just my imagination? so,village people,do you like me?kahkah)

9. How old do you want to get married? And tell us what are you dreams for theme's wedding. 
- 25 maybe,Wedding's theme? Garden. (Dear future husband,please noted this! kahkah) Just kidding. No,I'm serious :P

10. If you feel lonely, what will you do?
- I don't know when I did feel lonely, I never feel lonely I guess. Life s wonderful,why wasting your time for being lonely?Just explore more.

11. Can you describe honestly about my blog? Hehe. Thank you :)
- Just typical, pink..and most of women's blog are pink. But it's okay,your blog nice one. Keep it up (Y) take care yourself my lil sis,this world  needs us..let's make this world a better place.We are muslim!^_^

(Sorry if I took those questions seriously,no offence. Peace!)

I'm too lazy to nominate other bloggers,well. No bloggers being nominated,and no questions from me.
(Don't ask any questions from an Islamic Studies's student , or I'll give a hard one :P)

Wait! I did break the rules! hahaha. saya tersingkir dari Liebster Award ni,sobs sobs :(


Zakira Afina said...

Haha. I love too much. Thank youu thankk youu. Hargai sangat2 ney >.< kehkehhh. Nanti nak kena belajar english ney : P good luck hehe.

Zakira Afina said...

Haha. I love too much. Thank youu thankk youu. Hargai sangat2 ney >.< kehkehhh. Nanti nak kena belajar english ney : P good luck hehe.

Nazifa Sakinun said...

hahaha. No prob, (mood rajin nak jawab pepanjang hihihi)

Nini Hanini said...

First class answer,hehehh
I loike!

Nazifa Sakinun said...

hahaha..manade manade,biasa je :P

SS KhayLa said...

haha terbaikkk jawab soalan zakira .. awal nya dah fikir theme nak kawen nanti hehehehee :)