Sunday, 17 November 2013



First time dengar ,and I'm too curious what type of phobia it was.
(Aku sorang je ke yang first time dengar?)

And I even asked Google,

And now,I just have it. -_-

Trypophobia, the fear of objects with small holes, such as beehives , anthills and lotus seed heads.

 Observing these shapes made individuals suffering from trypophobiafeel "that their skin is crawling, shudder, feel itchy and physically sick". (sources: wikipedia)

Serta-merta,aku rasa seluruh badan aku damnnn itchy!
Duk terbayang seluruh badan aku ada lubang kecik-kecik tu,pastu gatal-gatal.
Bila garu,keluar darah.huwaaa! 

Like this one,

Walaupun photoshop,benda ni la yang aku duk terbayang.arghh!

Even bila tengok gambar coral ni pun,aku rasa euwww,whatthehall.
Those who didnt feel anything when see these pics,you're awesome!

Believe this.
Till now,aku boleh rasa lagi "gatal-gatal" tu kat seluruh badan.Dammit.

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feeq said...

bakpe napok macang otok je corals tu? wkwkwk