Thursday, 28 November 2013

Miracle In Cell No 7

Miracle In Cell No 7.
Korean Movie.

You should watch it,even once.

So,here the URL : Miracle In Cell No 7 (Full Eng sub)

Don't judge a movie by its country.Eh
You know I mean,some of  KPOP-haters  would  think this movie some kind of typical Korean movies and dramas.
This movie is about a mentally-ill father(bukan gila,cuma bendul campur lembab sikit) and his daughter.
Damn touching.

Well,ayaq mata jantan aku keluar berderai-derai walaupun dah dua kali tengok cerita ni.pheww.

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Izzati Amira said...

disebabkan ayaq mata jantan awak... nanti nak tgok lahh.. hehe. thanks 4 sharing (: